Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Arsenal post match review + day

So biggest game of the year so far for my gunners as they played barcelona today in the champions league and we fucking won! HELL YA!!!!! The final result was 2-1 with david villa, Robin Van Persie and Andrey Arshavin getting the goals just in that order. I honestly have to say this has been the best Arsenal performance all year. Not only did we beat the tournament favorite ( yeah I know its still only the first leg) but we did everything we needed to. We applied pressure early and throughout the whole game, made great tactical fouls, defended really well and on top of it all played OUR game attacking barca on the counter and playing our own type of passing game. I'd like to give a big shout out to all the Arsenal players tonight you all absolutely deserved the win now here are my player reviews.

Szczesny- So it was the young poles first start in the champions league and against none other than barcelona. Eh w/e, this boy went out there and did the job and he sure did impress me. He didnt let the goal get him down and made a handful of important saves. He really seems to have great control of the goal area and just oozes calm, cant see Fabianski or Almunia being number one next season sorry guys.- Rating- 8.5 

Eboue- Filled in well for Sagna and worked really hard all game. Got stuck in all game and made the all important clearance after Arshavins botched header. That being said we really missed Sagnas newfound attacking threat. Rating- 7

Koscielny- First season in the prem? No problem. First season in the Champions league? pshhhhhh. Probably our third best player on the night and the defensive rock we have needed in the past. I lost track of how many times Koscielny made important tackles and gained back possesion, but it sure was a lot. Also made some great surging runs into barcas territory, this guy is great. Rating- 9

Djourou- The swiss defender had a pretty decent night. Covering villa and messi is always gonna be hard, got burned a couple times, but overall had a solid game. No complaints from me. Rating- 7.5

Clichey- Was responsible for villa being onside for the goal, but besides that had an outstanding game. Defended really well throughout and ran until the final whistle. Also got the assist for RVP's goal. He should be brimming with confidence after a performance like that. Rating- 8 

Song- Got the early foul on barca that we needed, but unfortunately also got the early yellow ( which was kind of a harsh.) Even though Song was playing with a yellow he still anchored the midfield really well and also had some great link up play. I just cant say enough about Song the whole time he was on the pitch he was always doing something great. No complaints from me, great performance. Rating- 8 

Jack Wilshere- I cant believe this guy isn't twenty yet. Jack was easily our best midfielder on the night he was superb with possession, weaving in and out of so many barca players I got dizzy and made great passes all night. Off the ball Jack did an outstanding job as well, he worked just as hard, if not harder than anyone in a red and white shirt to regain posession. If he had gotten a goal he would be my man of the match. Rating-9

Nasri- First game back from injury and he did the job. Got the assist for the winning goal and worked hard all game long pressurizing barca into making mistakes. This dude can play football and it really shows, he holds up play well and is probably, behind RVP, the most technical player in the squad. Rating- 7.5 

Walcott- Had a decent game but didnt really have as big of an impact as most expected. Arsenal used his pace well in the first half on the break but as the second half wore on he become more and more marginal. Still a decent performance from our number 14, would like to see him make better decisions but I guess you learn that with time. Rating-7 

Fabregas- Well Im not sure how to rate the captains game. On the one hand he defended really well, had the great pass to Nasri which eventually led to the goal and did attack pretty well on his own. But on the other hand he didnt influence the game as much as he usually does. Im going to say this was down to Barcas pre game preperation. All and all a decent night for the captain, but tonight was more about the team performance. Rating- 7.5

Robin Van Persie- The flying dutchman was my man of the match. All game long he linked up well with the midfield and really tried to get the ball into barcas net. Finally got the goal he deserved and oh my what a beauty it was. Besides RVP's attacking prowess he really pestered barca when they were in possession. All around great game and boy oh boy can this dude play football. Rating 9.5 

Bendtner- 7
Arshavin- 7.5

Well thats my Arsenal vs barcelona, tomorrow I'll review my virgin mobile service and the phone that I bought with it the Samsung Intercept. Till then have a great night and oh GO AZTECS!


  1. Not a Gunners fan really (Hammers here) but they definatly played well.

  2. Very detailed review, I thoroughly enjoyed the read, thanks

  3. Nice post BRO!!!

    I wait on my blog!!


  4. Nice depth on the player reviews. Do you like the samsung?

  5. dang, i thougt barca would win the game, only for arsenal to turn it around late. :D

  6. Arshavin FTW.

    Go aresenal! I hate barça!

  7. Come on now, if you knock .5 off RVP for that game NOBODY can get a 10 :)

  8. Hope they do well.

  9. Nice twist on match reviews doing it player by player. Good to hear your insights.

  10. It was a great game indeed!